Shortly after logging a bug this morning, my business analyst kindly asked, “Is this the same as Bug10223, that I logged in October of 2011?”.

…It was!

Ordinarily, prior to logging production bugs that have been around for a while, I run a bug report query to search for open bug reports by keywords.  It takes about 10 seconds to determine if the bug I’m about to log has already been logged.  This morning I got lazy (and cocky) and just logged it.

It probably took 20 minutes of my time and my business analyst’s time to create a bug report that already existed, communicate about the confusion, and reject my duplicate bug report.

Look before you Log!

This sucks.  I’ve been testing all day and I haven't found a single problem. 

No, wait…

This is good, right? Clean software is the goal.  Alright, cool, we rock!  Looks like we’re deploying to prod tomorrow morning…just one more test…Dammit! I just found a problem!  I hate finding problems at the final hour.  This sucks.

No, wait…

This is good, right?  Better to have caught it in QA today than in prod tomorrow.  That’s what they pay me for.  Hey, here’s another bug!  And another!  I rock.  I just found the mother load of bugs.  This is awesome!!!

No, wait…

This is bad, right?  We’re either going to have to work late or delay tomorrow’s prod release.  I totally should have caught these problems earlier, it would have been so much cheaper.  I suck. 

What’s that?  The product owners are rejecting my bugs?  Really?  How humiliating.  I hate when my bugs get rejected!

No, wait…

This is good, right? It’s great that my bugs got rejected.  Less churn.  Now I don’t have to retest everything.

No, wait…I want to retest everything.

No, wait…maybe I don’t.


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