Contrary to my previous post, about devs taking more blame for production bugs, devs also take most of the credit when users like an application. I’ll bet testers rarely get praise from end users.

The reason is simple. Users don’t read the fixed bug list. Users have no idea how crappy the app was before the testers started working their magic. Have you ever heard a user say, “Wow, these testers really worked hard and found a lot of bugs!”. Users don’t have this information. For all they know, testers didn’t do a damn thing. The Devs could have written rock solid code and tested it themselves…who knows?


  1. Anonymous said...

    What do you mean you don't get any praise? Just today the BLs showered you with thanks for creating a playlist since they didn't have time to do it, and you even said it yourself and I quote, "they think I'm a God", and "Mariah Carey would be crazy to not marry me."

    Okay well that last one might not be quite true, and except for today I guess in general you're right testers don't get enough praise. This is probably another of many reasons to work towards becoming a developer.

  2. Anonymous said...

    So true. The plain folks have no idea that there are testers at all in Hi-Tech companies. I find myself explaining it to people quite a lot, especially when I need to explain what software our company makes. I get this dumb stare sometimes when I talk about the existence of QA, like I'm talking about leprechauns or something.

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