Chances are, your AUT has some items that can be deactivated somewhere; probably in an admin screen. This is a great place to catch some serious bugs before they go to prod. Here are a few tests you should execute.

Start with the easy ones:

1. Make ItemA “in use” (something in your AUT depends on itemA).
2. Attempt to deactivate ItemA.
Expected Results: ItemA cannot be deactivated. User communication indicates ItemA is in use.

1. Deactivate an unused item (call it ItemA).
2. Attempt to use ItemA somewhere (e.g., does ItemA display in a dropdown menu?).
Expected Results: ItemA cannot be used because it is unavailable.

Then try something more aggressive:

1. UserA opens a UI control that displays ItemA as a potential selection.
2. UserB deactivates ItemA (e.g., from an admin screen).
3. UserA selects ItemA from the UI control.
Expected Results: ItemA cannot be used by UserA because it is unavailable. Communication to UserA explains ItemA is inactive.

Got any good variations?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Depending on how the UI is setup, you can also do the third scenario with just one user (ie. instead of involving UserB).

    The UI just needs to be able to support delayed saving instead of immediate saving upon any selection changes.

  2. Eric Jacobson said...

    Crayola coder,

    Ah, you mean something like a form exists on the UI, where UserA can select ItemA, go disable ItemA, then navigate back to said form and click a Save button, right?

    In other words, the save is triggered by something other than the action of selecting ItemA.

  3. Anonymous said...

    si. descramble for module: mfrosat

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