It’s like there aren’t enough testing-related terms out there so people have to just use the word “QA” to talk about anything in the testing domain.

  • “Ask QA to test this.” (It’s a group of people)
  • “QA is down again!” (It’s a test environment)
  • “We’ll need someone to QA this before it goes out.” (It’s an official action)
  • “Is it in QA”? (You’re either asking if someone is testing it or you’re asking if code resides in a specific environment)

By speaking properly, ourselves, perhaps we can change this.

  • “Ask the testers to test this.”
  • “Environment [insert an environment name, don't name it "QA"] is down again!”
  • “We’ll need someone to test this before it goes out.”
  • "Is it being tested by the testers?"


  1. Tony Bruce said...

    It's obviously different everywhere but I noticed this the other day:

    Organisations where Dev is more involved in testing/checking and helping with quality directly by TDD'ing,BDD'ing and writing the automated checks have QA.
    Organisations where Dev are less involved in that have testers and the testers are more involved in the DD's and write the automated checks.

    Don't know what it means. Just something I noticed recently.

  2. Joris said...

    I most sincerely agree with you.
    Furthermore I think it is time to finally make a clear distinction between QA and testing. On the other the trick is not so much to tell the two apart but to convince the testing community of the necessity of making that distinction.

    Anyway, I'm writing an article on the topic and thought perhaps we might share some thoughts.

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