Have you seen this?
Type “psr” in your Windows 7 run prompt.
Click “Start Record” and every input you perform will get described, along with screen shots, then packaged into an MHTML zip file. The file can be viewed in IE or just as raw XML (for more details like mouse click coordinates). The little “Add Comment” feature is a good way to embed Expected vs. Actual results.

I used Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) today, to add details to one of my bug reports. PSR may also work as a personal test tracking tool. IMO, we can do a better job of capturing the relevant info ourselves in most cases. I rarely capture my entire screen and normally don't bother capturing steps unrelated to issues. Nevertheless, it's a good tool for your toolbox.


  1. poofondu said...

    Cool. I learned something today.

  2. Christian Baumann said...

    Looks good, any idea if it is possible to use this also on Win XP?

    At one of my former employers we had a self developed tool that did something similiar, cause for their system just giving the screenshot of the actual state of the software wasn´t sufficient for developers to find the cause of a bug, but also the (exact) steps taken before that lead to that step.
    So there are cases where the whole way is needed/ useful.


  3. Basim Baassiri said...

    I just shared this info with the test and support teams

    totally cool!

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