A fun and proud moment for me.  Respected tester, Matt Heusser, interviewed me for his This-Week-In-Software-Testing podcast on Software Test Professionals.  It was scary because there was no [Backspace] key to erase anything I wished I hadn’t said.

I talked a bit about the transition from tester to test manager, what inspires testers, and some other stuff.  It was truly an honor for me.

The four most recent podcasts are available free, although you may have to register for a basic (free) account.  However, I highly recommend buying the $100 membership to unlock all 49 (and counting) of these excellent podcasts.  I complained at first but after hearing Matt’s interviews with James Bach, Jerry Weinberg, Cem Kaner, and all the other great tester/thinkers, it was money well spent.  The production is top notch and listening to Matt’s testing ramblings on each episode is usually as interesting as the interview.  There are no podcasts available like these anywhere.

Keep up the great work Matt and team!  And keep the podcasts coming!


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