As testers, we typically open screens in our products and focus on the data that is presented to us.  Does it meet our expectations?  We are sometimes forced to be patient and wait for said data to present itself.  Don’t forget to step back and determine what happens if the data doesn’t get a chance to present itself.

Test Steps:

1. Open a screen or window on the UI.  This bug is easier to repro in places where lots of data needs to load on the screen or window.  Look for asynchronous data loading (e.g., the user is given control after some data presents itself, while the rest of the data is still being fetched)

2. Close the screen or window before the data has finished loading.  Be quick.  Be creative; if the screen you opened doesn’t close on command, try its parent.

Expected Results:  No errors are thrown.  The product handles it gracefully by killing the data load process and releasing the memory.


  1. amitair said...

    I have tests that test that, and
    I actually do recieve errors before the process exits. While these errors have been found to cause bugs in other areas of the program, I was told that these error messages would take to long to research. Since the action of abrupt closing is not an expected action. it is not worthwhile to research it

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