This clearly makes her the coolest kid at daycare.

If I had Josephine 1000 years ago, she would probably have become a software tester like her dad.  Back then, trades often remained in the family.  But in this era, she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up.


I doubt she will become a software tester.  However, I will teach her how important software testers are.  Josie will grow up with Generation Z, a generation that will use software for almost everything.  The first appliances she buys will have sophisticated software running them.  She will probably be able to see if she needs more eggs by logging in to a virtual version of her refrigerator from work. 

And why do you think that software will work?  Because of testers!

Josie will be able to process information, herself, at lightning speeds.  So I figure, if I start early enough, she can start making suggestions to improve the way we test. 

But first she has to learn to talk.

Do your kids appreciate your testing job?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Where did you get the onesy? My wife is getting ready to give birth to a little girl, and that'd be a great outfit for her to wear!

  2. Diego Cavalcanti said...

    hahahahaha so cool! I love it! :)

  3. QA Tester said...

    This one is the sweetest article I read till now. I like your vision power that you need to virtually check the availability eggs in the fridge in future.

    Finally, agree with your view that testers are important.

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