If it’s possible to determine which Feature/Story/Requirement introduced a new bug, it’s probably valuable to use a bug report’s “Link” attribute to link the bug report to said parent Feature/Story/Requirement.  Here are some reasons this is valuable:

  • It tells the programmers roughly where the bug was created.
  • It may help to decouple “Escapes” from “New Feature Bugs”.  Escapes are usually more difficult to trace back to specific Features.  Perhaps your team does not count linked bugs as part of WIP but unlinked Escapes are counted as part of WIP.
  • It tells the team the bug is a dependency to its linked requirement’s deployment (e.g., the bug will follow the Feature into other environments if it is not fixed).
  • If you can link to the Feature from the bug report, the Feature may provide more context for the bug report.

Another way I like to use the bug report “Link” attribute is to associate bugs to each other.  When BugA get’s fixed, it introduces BugB; linking the two together allows us to use briefer language in the bug report like, “this bug was created by the linked bug’s fix”.  Generally the link itself makes it easier to view the linked bug report, than merely referencing the Bug Report ID.


  1. Abir Khan said...

    Relating Bugs are always important both for coder, tester, as better idea to fix that, and better idea for tester to idea about future similar bugs.

  2. Srinivas Kadiyala said...

    Thanks for sharing the post.
    Its true - when BugA gets fixed, its needs to check whether the link to other application is working or not.

    Abir Khan: You call programmers/ developers as "coders" ?

  3. Srinivas Kadiyala said...

    Thanks for the post.

    Abir Khan: Do u call programmers/ developers as coders?

  4. Michael said...

    Bugs links are very useful and i use them all the time.
    When i test newly implemented features, in case i find bugs i set that bug to "Has problems" and link the found bug as a child of that issue.
    It's easier that way to keep track of features that have bugs and after all the child bugs are fixed, the feature can be passed as completed.

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