…may not be a good way to start testing.

I heard a programmer use this metaphor to describe the testing habits of a tester he had worked with. 

As a tester, taking all test input variables to their extreme, may be an effective way to find bugs.  However, it may not be an effective way to report bugs.  Skilled testers will repeat the same test until they isolate the minimum variable(s) that cause the bug.  Or using this metaphor, they may repeat the same test with all levels on the mixing board pulled down, except the one they are interested in observing.

Once identified, the skilled tester will repeat the test only changing the isolated variable, and accurately predict a pass or fail result.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I'd agree with this completely. I have found occasionally that others in my team are confused when I attempt to narrow down the steps needed to replicate an issue before logging it - why not just data-dump everything you had going on at the time and let the Developer sort it out?

    I figure part of my job is to pass the Dev team as clear a description of what's going on with an issue as I can, which thankfully my team lead concurs with. Just makes me worry when others are logging either quick-and-dirty write-ups or forcing the Dev guys to try and debug on the system the issue was seen on despite changes... :S

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