Hold Bug Contests

While cleaning my desk, I discovered a brand new promotional Mercury cap. Since I’m not a big fan of Mercury (e.g., TestDirector, QuickTestPro), I decided to award the cap to the tester on my team who could log the most bugs in a given week.

Life would be so much easier if our main goal were simply to log as many bugs as possible. Most of you will agree with me, that given enough time, you can find bugs in any piece of software thrown at you. Sure, they may be stupid bugs that nobody cares about, but you’ll find them.

Let’s face it. Testers don’t have very concrete goals. “Ensure the quality of the software”. Sometimes it’s fun to get a little competitive with each other and just focus on primitive stuff, like flooding your devs with bugs!


  1. suhas said...

    Now i can say " Software testing is growing inovative" interactive things always helps us. thanks Eric

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