My team just released a new build to prod that included a freebie from a dev. I say "freebie" because the dev noticed code not complying to a requirement and corrected it on their own. There was no bug logged.

It turns out, our users preferred the feature prior to the dev's fix. We are now in the process of rushing through a “showstopper” production patch to insert the previous code back into prod for business critical reasons.

What went wrong?


  1. Joe said...

    - No bug report
    - corrected it on their own

    That's what went wrong.

  2. Alex said...

    I'm assuming the feature had been in that state for some time. That means their probably should have been a test for it. That test should have failed a long time ago. And if, during evaluation of that failed test, you realized you liked the feature the way it was, the feature description and the test should have changed.

    Gosh there are a lot of shoulds in there.

    I guess I'm saying that what went wrong was that there was no test for that feature.

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