A day went by without finding bugs in my AUT.

When I got home, as if desperate for bugs, I noticed one in the kitchen. I wanted to squash it but I know better. I controlled myself. I stood back and observed the bug (…an ant). I wondered how it got there. If one bug got in, there would probably be more. I noticed four more bugs over by the window. Ah hah! I’ll focus my efforts near the window. Perhaps I could draw out more bugs. I’ll give these bugs a reason to show up; several drops of tasty ant poison.

Ah yes, here they come, from under the window. Now that I know where they came from, I can patch the hole in the window to prevent further infestations from that oversight. In the meantime, these bugs will happily bring the poison back to their nest and will probably not return for awhile. Nevertheless, every so often, I will check.


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