It’s true.  Our job rocks.  Huff Post called it the 2nd happiest job in America this year.  Second only to being a DBA…yawn.  Two years ago, Forbes said testing was #1

But why?  Neither article goes in depth.  Maybe it’s because all news is good news, for a tester:

  • The System Under Test (SUT) is crashing in QA, it doesn’t work, it’s a steaming pile of…YES!  My testing was valuable!  My life has meaning!  My testing just saved users from this nightmare!
  • The SUT is finally working.  Awesome!  It’s so nice being part of a development team that can deliver quality software.  I can finally stop testing it and move on.  Our users are going to love this.

See?  Either way it’s good news.

Or maybe I just spin it that way to love my job more.  So be it.  If you think your testing job is stressful, you may want to make a few adjustments in how you work.  Read my You’re a Tester, Relax post.


  1. Jon Rogers said...

    Great post! Of course there's nothing like it when development is behind schedule and you're still expect to complete your testing before the deadline.

  2. Amandeep Singh said...

    Great post!

    And yes, of course I am glad to be one ;)

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