Perhaps Jimmy John’s should have hired some software testers before slapping their “Order Online” logo all over the place.

Yesterday, while entering a group order online, I had a little trouble typing my Delivery Instructions in the “memo-size” text box.


The only way to add a drink to your sandwich order was to add a second sandwich.  Um, I only want one sandwich.

I selected the earliest delivery time available:


However, after painstakingly collecting the orders of about 17 people, when I submitted my group order, Jimmy John’s showed me this user validation message:


And prior to me clicking the OK button, Jimmy John’s cancelled my entire order, including sending this email to all 17 people :


There is some additional context here that is too complex for this post.  Suffice it to say, I was irritated that my order was cancelled with no warning.

I called the Jimmy John’s phone number provided on the top of my screen and the dude said, “we have no idea how to retrieve your order, we just get a printout when it’s submitted”. 

In the end, the good people at my Jimmy John’s franchise accepted a fax with screen captures of my original group order (we tried email, but they couldn’t retrieve it) and they delivered the order flawlessly.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the humor. It's another great example of why software testing is so valuable. Jimmy John's wants you to order online, but you likely won't try that again for a LONG time.

    Perhaps they don't promise their freakishly fast service if you order online... :)

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