I sent an email to a dev today, asking why his new sort-by-column functionality for a grid was not actually sorting the values properly. For example: an ascending sort would rearrage alphanumeric data to something like "A", "B", "C", "A", "S", B".

Shortly thereafter the dev stopped by my desk and explained, "It sorts. It’s just not perfect."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Not exactly true, I think what the developer meant was, yes, there is definitely a bug, but that the functionality wasn't totally broken. When working with limited test data, sometimes things can slip through the cracks, it's unfortunate, but it happens. The statement "it isn't totally broken", implies that the feature was indeed developed, but that it doesn't function 100% as expected, hence, it's not "totally" broken. Many shades of gray, as there are also many shades of broken. In my opinion, your developer might need to just man up about it though.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Don't get me started on what testers say. Remember this one that you mentioned in a bug report for I think Formats a while back:

    "All hell brakes (sic) loose"

    We still say that from time to time when things don't work.

    I don't know how that comment was appropriate in a bug report. (I guess I'm not really qualified to say what is appropriate, but that's beside the point)

  3. Eric Jacobson said...


    I suppose you're right. I kid this dev. In all seriousness, he's one of the only devs that actually says "sweet!" when I find good bugs.

    I Eat Crayons,

    Yes, I remember that bug. I learned my lesson and have since cleaned up my bug report wording. Now when I log bugs for your code I spell it like this..."breaks".

  4. Anonymous said...

    Yeah, they do say the darn'dest things. In turn, I came to have a set of default replies, one of which is "Excuses!" Of course, this is said in jest.

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